Sunday, January 27, 2013

It'll do you some good to take once in a while.

Take time...
to spend with the ones you love.
to invest emotionally into the hurting people in your family, work, community.
to breathe in fresh air. Long enough to really experience your surroundings.
to appreciate what you have.
to remember the funny moments that are gone too quickly.
to challenge the media.
to pray.
to make a difference.
to forgive.
away from electronics, social media, technology.
to live out your dreams.
to learn.
to get to know a stranger's story.
to understand someone with a different point of view than yours.
to change what you can and accept what you can't.
to share your story.
in the presence of God.

Take responsibility...
for your actions.
for your choices.
for your words.
for where you've been.
for where you are.
for where you're going.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is me.

Soo...  I have decided to use blogging as an outlet for my thoughts. Be forewarned I am not politically correct. I do, however, try to be biblically correct. I love Jesus. I am imperfect. I have a passion for Africa. I have four tattoos. I speak in movie quotes. My favorite sense of humor is dry, witty humor. Bacon. Pepsi. The Office. I'm socially awkward. I love jeans and chucks. 

Some (or all) of you might be wondering why I chose the name Jimney's Cricket. We all know that Jimney Cricket was Pinocchio's "conscience". But who influenced Jimney? We are all subject to influence. At any given time we are influencing others and being influenced by others. Who are you letting in your circle of influence? Who is being influenced by you? 

As I am growing and maturing I am beginning to understand just how crucial it is to surround yourself with people that you can glean from. Learn from. And allow yourself to be in a position to impart knowledge, to listen, to invest, to mentor. 

That's me in a nutshell.