Sunday, August 30, 2015

Like And Share And God Will Bless You

I want to preface this blog with why I DO LIKE social media.

I like social media because...
I travel the world and social media makes it easy to know what's going on anywhere at anytime.
I can keep in contact with my family and friends.
I can update all of my amazing supporters on how life is in Thailand or wherever it is I go.
I get to see/read the heart of like minded people and those that have different views. It challenges me to know who I am, to know Jesus more, and how to love better.
I get to share my heart and jokes and my missionary life.
Missing children can be found
Long lost family members and friends can be reunited
You can follow along with your favorite actor or author or athlete or artist or speaker
And lots more.

If you are on facebook at all I'm certain you've scrolled across a post that has some sort of God or religious story or quote and asks you to like and share the post.

This is part of social media that I DO NOT like. It literally makes me sick to my stomach the amount of manipulative posts that are posted AND shared. Too many people are using God to get likes and shares. That's the bottom line to these things, likes and shares.

If a bible verse or a story or a quote impacts you then I'm all for sharing it. I do it all the time. When you add "if you love Jesus then like and share" or "I know most of you won't share this but my real friends will" or "type amen and like and share and God will bless you" or anything like that you are manipulating people. It isn't right. It isn't how God works.

Jesus died on the cross because he wants a relationship with us. He loves us. He wants us to know him. He didn't endure the cross so that we can get likes and shares. True Christianity is bigger and more powerful and greater than any facebook post or anything you find on social media. It's easy to share a post. Easy to share a scripture verse. But your social media life isn't going to be standing before Jesus one day. You are. I am. How we loved God and loved others will be on the table. Those posts are going to hold any weight at that time.

This upsets me because there are so many people that misrepresent Christ. It upsets me because I see family and friends falling prey to these posts. It upsets me because these posts portray God as some sort of genie. "Like if you believe in God and he will doing something good for you." It upsets me that people settle for sharing a post rather than surrendering to Christ.

The bible is clear about what our lives should look like if we say we love him and know him. Not one time does it mention anything about social media. It does however talk about our social behavior and our hearts.

Please reconsider sharing and liking these manipulative posts as it only promotes manipulation and the total misrepresentation of Jesus. If someone is sharing from their heart that's different. A person that is secure in themselves and wants to be genuine on social media will not manipulate you into sharing and liking.

Thanks for listening. Back to your regularly scheduled weekend. :)