Thursday, February 7, 2013

What do I have in common with King David, Ruth, and Rahab?

I am finishing up my second devotion by Kelly Minter. The first one I did was Nehemiah and the second is Ruth. I highly recommend them. There's no way that I can tell you all that I have learned, the understanding of God's word that I have obtained (and the greater awareness of the fact that it is impossible to learn all there is to know about God), the impact these studies have had on my relationship with Jesus, and my new sense of pride in being voted least likely.

There is club that the heroes of our faith didn't realize they had started and were key members of. I call it the least likely club. Least likely to succeed, to be picked for the team, to serve God, to be noticed by God, to do anything significant for the Lord, to get married, to rule a nation.

Wanna know the back story to the 12 tribes of Israel? (Genesis 29:14-30:24)

Jacob falls in love with Rachel but was deceived and given Leah on the wedding day. After seven years Jacob was finally given Rachel. Leah had sons and Rachel couldn't have any. They start this competition to give Jacob sons. In Rachel's desperation she had Jacob sleep with her maidservant. Twice. She got pregnant and had two sons. Somewhere along the line Leah had her maidservant sleep with Jacob. Rachel finally had two sons. Altogether, they had 12 sons. They made up the 12 tribes of Israel. Rachel, Leah, and Jacob's love triangle was least likely to produce a nation.

Gods people are a product of two jealous,competing sisters, two maidservants, and one man!

Ruth. A Moabite woman. (Moabites were enemies of Israel; God's people). After the death of her husband, brother in law and father in law Ruth moved to Israel with her mother in law, Naomi. She worked hard gleaning in the fields. She made Naomi's God her own. God redeemed Ruth through Boaz. Ruth is the great grandmother of David. An enemy of God's people. Foreigner. Widow. Poor. Least likely to marry an Israelite and set forth the Lord's redemption plan for all mankind. She even has her own book in the Bible.

King David. The youngest of seven brothers. His father didn't even bring him to the line up of Samuel anointing the next king. But, God saw his heart. He wasn't a war hero, a buff barbarian man, but a young fifteen year old shepherd boy. He was definitely least likely to be king.

Rahab. A Canaanite prostitute. Most likely had a survival mindset. Just trying to get through the day. No idea of her worth. Want to know what makes her significant enough to be mentioned in the Bible? She helped God's people, had a simple faith in God, and, here's the kicker, is in the genealogy of Jesus!!!!!

I grew up very shy and timid. I would stutter and sometimes cry just from talking to someone or in front of the smallest group. Leaving my mom was never an option. I didn't go to college and haven't take any Bible classes.

Now, I'm a missionary. I have traveled the world (without my mom I might add). I have spoken at women's conferences, preached, shared the gospel with unreached people groups,  and helped lead teams. All of this is not because of any training or education. It is simply because God uses the least likely to do the unimaginable. If God believes in me then I must believe in His ability to enable me. I am nothing without Him.

If you think or have ever thought that your past disqualifies you then think again. It not only doesn't disqualify you but makes you a member of the least likely club. If you are obedient and faithful you will leave a legacy and a story that will inspire generations!

My name is Sara and I am proud to be least likely!

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