Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Calibrate yourself before you wreck yourself. No, wait...

Has your alignment ever been off?

How do you notice that it isn't quite aligned? It slightly moves off center, right? If you let go of the steering wheel the vehicle will begin to veer to the left or right.

This morning at our weekly chapel Michael Redmon was sharing the story of when Ezra asked God to fill him one more time. When he said that the word "calibrate" came to my mind. I started thinking about how, like our vehicles and devices, we need to be calibrated or aligned now and again.

At first we don't really notice that our vehicle is off. We unconsciously counteract it by steering against it.  We don't really know how bad it is until we let go of the steering wheel and the vehicle changes lanes like it has a mind of its own ha. Before we know it we have a flat tire due to the constant fight between driver and wheels.

Life can be like that can't it? We don't really notice that we are heading slightly off course. Maybe we make a few subtle choices here and there that we thought weren't a big deal. Unknowingly those choices caused us to veer off course. Those choices lead to less subtle choices. And now we we're fighting just to stay where know we should be but aren't aligned to continue that direction.

Wear and tear on the tires, tire pressure, potholes, and hitting curbs can all cause wheels to be knocked out of alignment.

Similarly, loss, insecurity, pride, other's choices, life in general can cause us to get knocked off course.

Sometimes, in life, we need to let go of the steering wheel, accept the truth about where we are, and allow God to center us.To calibrate us. Align us. He doesn't expect us to keep things together on our own. In fact, if we could do life on our own he wouldn't have given us Jesus.

If you know the Lord take this time to examine where you are. Ask God if you are still heading in the direction he has sent you. Are you still next to Him? Have you started to veer off?

If you do not know Jesus. Take this time to begin a relationship with him. He is a gentleman and will not force himself into your life. He will, however, knock on the door and wait for you to let him in. Without him we will look to people and things to help us make sense of who we are. True fulfillment is only found in Jesus.

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  1. This is just what I needed to hear Sara...thanks!